Happy new school year from OUSPJ president Hayley Harding

Welcome to another fantastic school year, SPJers! I’m excited to meet you all, be it again or for the very first time. We’re in for a great school year, and I’m thrilled you’ll be along for the ride.

There will be a lot of fantastic things coming up this school year. Right now, we’ve got an excellent program planned in Freedom Sings, where Grammy-nominated musicians will be talking about our constitutional freedoms (email ohiouspj@gmail.com for tickets!), we’re going to have lots of speakers, we’re going to have resume workshops and podcast workshops and so much more — and that’s just first semester.

This semester, our meetings will be on Tuesdays at 5 in Schoonover 145. Join us there on Aug. 23 for free pizza and lots of information, and check out what other programs we have planned in our schedule tab. You are also welcome to email ohiouspj@gmail.com for more information or even me personally — I’m always up to chat.

Let me know if you have any questions. See you Tuesday!

Hayley Harding
2016-2017 OUSPJ President


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