Coding our way into the future

“The job I have I didn’t even know existed until I had been working for two years,” said Meghan Louttit, multimedia editor at The New York Times.

Earlier tonight, Louttit came to our last general SPJ meeting of the year to talk about today’s dynamic media landscape and her position on the News Design team at the Times, where she builds narrative story presentation for the publication’s website and strives to reach news consumers in a unique and tailored way.

Her discussion was primarily focused on technological literacy and how crucial it is for collegiate journalists (such as ourselves) to have a wide range of coding and other digital skills to be competitive in the job market.

Here are a few “basics” that any journalism major should know to better be able to work with those who create the platform in which your work will be shared:

  • Read and understand HTML and CSS (even if just at a basic level)
  • Be familiar with common content management systems
  • Understand servers and generally know how the internet works
  • Get good at Google searches
  • Be familiar with web apps and how they’re built
  • Know how to take an audio file off a CD and how to screen capture video
  • Know how to find a file that you’ve saved to your computer

Louttit’s energy and passion for her craft made the presentation one to remember – and one to reassure students that journalism majors are getting jobs (and great ones at that).


If you are a new member, make sure to mark your calendar for next week’s New Member Induction: Tuesday, November 18 at 5pm in Scripps 111! Pizza will be provided, courtesy of the Scripps College Dean’s office. See you there!

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