Running Toward Danger

514FHDJGT4LLast week, SPJ had a rare opportunity to watch the Newseum’s Sept. 11 documentary, Running Toward Danger. Scripps 111 was packed with students and professors, to the point that it was probably a fire hazard. But, it was well worth it to watch this documentary.

Running Toward Danger was a heartbreaking and inspiring account of the horrific events of 9/11 from the perspective of the journalists who covered it.. Those journalists are heroes and everyone who watched the documentary could agree that it took courage and bravery to report on the tragedy.

“It was a really emotional experience for everyone, and it took us back to that day,” said Sara Nealeigh, RTDNA President.

After the film, we all discussed our experience during 9/11 and most of us, although we were very young, watched the news that day. At the time, the news was boring to us and we didn’t understand what was going on.

Now that we are old enough to comprehend the distress of the event, we can appreciate the journalists who covered 9/11.

This film shed light on the fact that journalists are heroes and have to cover saddening events every day. We write stories that inform the people and ultimately keep them safe, and often times readers forget that there is a writer behind every story they read.

As journalists and especially after viewing this documentary, we can all agree with Professor Mary Rogus when she said, “I was never prouder in my life to consider myself a journalist because the job those people did was incredible.”

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