NYTimes Reporter Russ Buettner Visits SPJ

Russ Buettner speaking to the members of SPJ

Russ Buettner, New York Times Reporter and winner of the Farfel Prize for Investigative Journalism, stopped by the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism to speak with SPJ on September 18th.

While visiting SPJ, Buettner explainedsome of the struggles that he faced whilewriting his story and how he got throughthem. One of the biggest struggles forhim was getting people to open up to himbecause the topic is so sensitive. His ad-vice was to just keep talking to people andmaking them feel comfortable enough toopen up on their own time.

Another piece of key advice he gave to students was to get involved with multi-media early on in their careers, something students at Scripps seem to hear on an almost daily basis. Buettner was a pioneer of computer-assistant reporting at New York Times, and related to students by saying that even though learning new technology is hard, it will eventually help with reporting in the future.

Meryl Gottlieb, a freshman whowas in the audience and is studying journalism got a lot out of the meeting.

“I really enjoy listening to journalists speak about their job. It gives me a reinforcing push. It makes me more excited for my future.”

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