Leipzig Students Say “Guten Tag” to SPJ

Students visiting Ohio University from their sister school in Leipzig, Germany came to the SPJ meeting on September 25th to discuss the differences between journalism in Germany and journalism in the United States.

While the meeting focused on diversity, the students soon realized that they had much more in common than they had originally thought. 

While touring the United States, Leipzig students were covering and learning about our upcoming presidential election. The students are in charge of their campus radio station, and were doing reports here in the states and sending them back to Germany.

The students say that not much is different between how we report besides the actual news broadcast.

“In Leipzig, 40 percent of what we’rebroadcasting is text and 60 percent is music,” one of the Leipzig students said.

They shared that their biggest frustration with reporting in the United States is their lack of a studio. However, the students are able to problem solve their way out of most inconveniences.

Students from are sister school will be visiting New York and Washington D.C. before they head back to Germany. 

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