Cheers to a great quarter, SPJ Members

Hello SPJ members,
As the quarter comes to a close, we’d like to take the time to recap a few our shining moments as an organization this quarter. From our First Amendment Free Food Festival, which garnered about 200 visitors, to our Slice n’ Dice resume critique, we’ve had quite the productive 10 weeks. It’s been a pleasure to see everyone attend the meetings every Tuesday despite the myriad of other commitments we all undertake as student journalists.

So as we near finals and wrap up final projects for our respective publications, we as the SPJ executive board would like to take a moment to ask you, the members, what SPJ has provided you with this quarter and how can we better serve you next quarter. We’re nothing as an organization without our devoted membership, and we hope to continue bringing everyone informative meetings each week that cater to a variety of interests.

While you tick a few things off your to-do list today and anticipate the academic hiatus in the upcoming weeks, just take a moment to comment below and tell us what topics you would like to see covered at one of next quarter’s meetings.

You can also give us your input next Tuesday at our SPJ Q & A Cafe, which will serve as our final meeting of the quarter. We’ll serve coffee and cafe-style treats while discussing journalism-related questions that you have e-mailed us ( We look forward to seeing you there and hope to end our quarter on a great note. We’re an award-winning chapter to be proud of and hope to continue our successes as a journalism organization into next quarter.

Ohio University SPJ Executive Board 

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