Marshall Allen talks ‘Do No Harm’ to JSchool Students

Last Tuesday, ProPublica reporter, Marshall Allen spent two hours speaking to a host of JSchool students and faculty in Scripps 111. His message? Transparency.

While pursuing a healthcare beat for the Las Vegas Sun, Allen brought the first dose of transparency to the Las Vegas hospital care system. When speaking to Scripps students and faculty about his experience as an investigative reporter, Allen highlighted a few main points for students interested in pursuing a similar journalistic route.

As one of SPJ’s more successful meetings, Allen kept students gripping the edge of their seats with horror stories of patient mishaps, injuries and deaths, all of which occurred within the confines of a hospital setting and were kept swept under the rug by the Las Vegas hospital system. Allen focused his talk on how he uncovered this information about hospital negligence in Las Vegas and used a plethora of anecdotal pieces as support.

To view the investigative pieces Allen shared with SPJ members, head over to the Las Vegas Sun website. If you have any questions or comments regarding future speakers or meetings hosted by OU’s chapter of SPJ, leave a comment or e-mail us at


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