Stepping outside of Google: Computer Assisted Reporting

Hi SPJers,

I hope everyone had a great Easter and is ready to join us this Tuesday, April 26th in Scripps 111 from 5-6 pm.

Lawan Williams
Aimee Edmondson
This week we will be welcoming Lawan Williams, a data processing manager for the E.W. Scripps Company, as well as OU Scripps professor Aimee Edmondson, to help explain the use and benefits of computer assisted reporting. 

In today’s media a computer is used for nearly every aspect, this is obvious, but there is often much more to computer assisted reporting than just computers. The importance of correct data is vital for a journalist and Lawan Williams will be showing us some sites that help to graph and quantify data–a useful addition to many stories! As journalists, we need to be able to serve as our own fact-checkers, and understanding the information we receive is the first step. Join us to strengthen your reporting and learn some tricks of the trade.
See you there!

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