A Guide to Final Cut

Hi SPJ members,

If you attended the Final Cut Pro workshop a few weeks ago, I hope you found the step by step tutorial useful.

If you missed it or chose to attend the audacity workshop, which simultaneously overlapped with the Final Cut Pro workshop, I’ve included the link Final Cut Pro handout (below) and will also suggest a few additional resources for you to beef up your skills.

First, the handout: A Guide to Final Cut. This handout provides a lot of useful information about making sure that your settings are correct and explains the interface in detail, useful keystrokes, etc. It does NOT, however, provide you with a step by step guide to editing a story.

There are many Final Cut tutorials and forums  on the web that you will likely find useful to your journey with Final Cut.

To start, check out the following resources:

1.) http://www.rippletraining.com/provideoapps.html

2.) http://www.macprovideo.com/finalcutstudio/

3.) Lynda.com

Lastly, I highly recommend Final Cut Pro 7 by Diana Weynand. The book contains a lot of screen shots and WILL give you a step by step guide. Make sure you purchase the book that comes with the CD.

Hope this helps!

Taylor Mirfendereski, OU SPJ Vice-President

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