A Basic Guide to Shooting Video

Taylor Mirfendereski leading her How-to shoot compelling video workshop

Posted by: Taylor Mirfendereski, OU SPJ Vice-President

Whether you primarily work with magazines, newspapers, the Internet, or TV, you’ve surely realized that being able to shoot video to complement your daily content significantly adds to the quality (and credibility) of the work that you produce.

It’s also very likely that your status as a “poor college student,” does not allow you to have access to professional-grade camera equipment.  How, then, is it possible for you produce video that looks good when you are limited to just a flip cam, point and shoot camera, or small camcorder?

The purpose of the January 11 SPJ meeting was to demonstrate that the basic rules for shooting good video can and should always be utilized — regardless of the equipment at hand.

If you missed the meeting or would just like to review the material that was covered at our first meeting, please consult the link to the powerpoint presentation below.



Once you’ve reviewed the material presented above, practice on your own! Some ideas:

1.) Ask a friend if they will allow you to conduct a “practice” video interview . Practice properly setting up your shot and compare your final product to interviews (SOTS) on local and network television news.

2.) Shoot a sequence in an area that you frequently visit (ie: the library): wide shot, medium shot, close up.

3.) Shoot something that isn’t visually interesting in an interesting way. For example, if you’re shooting people walking through a mall, set the camera on the ground and capture their feet walking past you.

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