Meeting Recap: September 14

Our first meeting of the year was a success! If you were unable to attend, below is a glance at what you missed.

We briefly introduced the mission of SPJ, what our chapter specifically does, and provided our members with examples of meetings and events that we’ve held in the past.  Last year we featured speakers like Charles Davis (Executive Director of the National Freedom of Information Coalition), Angie Lau (Anchor for Bloomberg News) and Cable Neuhaus (Ohio University Alum and Entertainment Journalist). We also hosted events and service projects like battle of the bands, a citizen journalism workshop at Trimble High School and a project to ensure media access on OU’s Athens campus.

Following our introduction to SPJ, the SPJ executive officers introduced themselves and shared some of their personal experiences with the organization. The 2010-2011 SPJ officers are:

President: Jamie Ratermann; Vice President: Taylor Mirfendereski; Secretary: Gina Mussio; Treasurer: Emma Morehart; Programing Chairs: Graylyn Roose, Kevin Zieber; INC Editors: Rebecca McKinsey, Sarah Grothjan; INC Web Content Manager: Cameron Glover

During the second half of the meeting, we were joined by Dr. Bob Stewart, director of the school of journalism. Dr. Stewart gave our members a sneak preview of the new j-school curriculum, which will take effect in 2010 when the university switches from quarters to semesters. The new curriculum changes will only affect current freshmen and sophomore journalism majors.

Dr. Stewart described the reasoning behind the new curriculum and talked about “tracks” and capstone classes. He also directed our members to “Advising Information” ( on the journalism school website. If you missed this meeting and would like to know more about the curriculum changes, the “Advising Information” page includes videos from the freshmen (and SPJ) advisor Cary Frith and a Q2S checksheet guide to ensure that students are on track for the switch to semesters.

We hope to see you at this week’s “Beyond Blogging” meeting at 5 p.m. in Scripps 111.

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